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Warranty for equipment.

We are fully responsible for the equipment provided. In case of failure of hard drives, processors or motherboards on the server you rented, we change the failed equipment at our own expense.

Replacing malfunctioning equipment is done after a complete diagnosis.

Diagnostics requires shutting down the server for a period of 6 to 24 hours. In the period of dyganostics server equipment is not available for the client. Diagnostics is launched only by agreement with the client.

In case of server downtime, upon completion of diagnostics and until the time of replacement of faulty equipment, the client is given a discount on the amount of equipment downtime.


Confidentiality guarantees.

We do not transfer or provide access to the server, databases, personal information, profile data, phone numbers and other information to third parties. We do not collect private data, do not accumulate statistics on the use of services, equipment and the use of software, our customers. These confidentiality conditions apply throughout the entire rental period of equipment.