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Alternative to Hetzner

We have better tech support and a wider range of services!

Alternative Hetzner Servers with Premium Support

VPS, VDS and Dedicated Server
with Full Premium Personal Support
  • Windows or Linux OS
  • Simple and finest Hosting Panels
  • NVMe fast disks
  • You may use MS SQL or IIS
  • Make install Docker
  • Ready for CRM or CMS systems

Full money back guarantee 7 days

Choose whatever Linux operation system

windows already included on the server rental


windows already included on the server dedicated


If you rent a dedicated or a virtual server, you get final product with already installed Windows Server OS and all packet of software including Microsoft Office 2016.

Alternative to Hetzner hosting services

Choosing the ideal hosting solution for your website is crucial for its success. When considering alternatives to Hetzner, our company emerges as a clear frontrunner, surpassing the competition in various aspects. Our hosting services are meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of businesses, ensuring superior performance and reliability. Unlike Hetzner, we offer a cutting-edge infrastructure that guarantees optimal speed and uptime, allowing your website to handle high traffic volumes effortlessly. Our scalability options provide the flexibility to accommodate your business growth seamlessly, eliminating any concerns about outgrowing your hosting capabilities.
Moreover, our robust security measures go above and beyond to safeguard your valuable data, providing you with peace of mind. With an intuitive control panel, managing your website becomes a breeze, even for those with limited technical expertise. Additionally, our round-the-clock expert technical support team is always ready to assist you, promptly addressing any concerns or issues that may arise. And to top it all off, our pricing options are highly competitive, offering cost-effective hosting solutions that align with your budget. When it comes to hosting, our company stands tall as the trusted alternative to Hetzner, delivering exceptional services that have earned the trust of businesses worldwide.

Full stack supporting

We glad to help you anywhere, any situation with your Alternative to Hetzner Servers in Germany!

Our engineers can provide valuable assistance in setting up Servers, helping you to design and deploy your containers, Windows OS installing, configure networking and storage, monitor and log the environment, and secure. With their technical expertise, engineers can help ensure that your servers environment is up and running smoothly and efficiently.

support on a hetzner server
Alternative to Hetzner for Everyone


New projects are always associated with multiple tasks resolving. Instead of bothering with server maintenance and buying new hardware concentrate on the project itself. The rest is on our specialists.


Either one is thinking of opening first online store or planning to expand business assets, convenient solution for e-commerce that we offer will help to reach business goals faster.

Website Hosting

One doesn't need to possess the advanced knowledge of IT to host a website on our server. The entire procedure takes a couple of minutes owing to the intuitive interface we’ve developed.


Whenever one thinks of deploying a firewall or creating a network, which involves building a complex infrastructure, the need to cope with a reliable partner to cover one’s assets becomes extremely essential. Our adaptive and innovative server platforms are suited for a wide range of tasks of various complexity levels.


Choose your version of VPS or Dedicated Servers. Choose a configuration with as much RAM, a processor and a hard disk that will meet the requirements for the size of users and the size of databases and files.

- Ideal for individual applications, distributed systems, dynamic clusters or development environments
- CX: Balanced amount of CPU and RAM based on Intel® Xeon® Gold processors
- CPX: Optimized for CPU performance based on AMD EPYC 2nd Gen processors


€ 7

CPU 1 core Intel® Xeon®
SSD 20Gb
Traffic 20Tb


€ 8

CPU 2 cores AMD
SSD 40Gb
Traffic 20Tb


€ 9

CPU 2 cores Intel® Xeon®
SSD 40Gb
Traffic 20Tb


€ 12

CPU 3 cores AMD
SSD 80Gb
Traffic 20Tb

- Start work about 5 minutes after payment!
- You can choose any Linux-Based distributive
- Ideal for working on Wordpress and Joomla CMS
- READY FOR MySQL databases
- Docker can easily be installed

If you need more powerull configuration, check VDS prices:


Dedicated phisical machine
  • CPU Intel® Core™ i7-6700
  • 64 Gb RAM DDR4
  • 2x Disks 2 Tb HDD or 512 Gb SSD
  • Full system admin support

49 euro

monthly rental price


Dedicated phisical machine
  • CPU Intel® Core™ i7-8700
  • 64 Gb RAM DDR4
  • 2x Disks 512 Gb SSD
  • Full system admin support

54 euro

monthly rental price


Dedicated phisical machine
  • CPU Intel® Core™ i7-8700
  • 128 Gb RAM DDR4
  • 2x Disks 1024 Gb SSD NVMe
  • Full system admin support

60 euro

monthly rental price

..more configurations

pricetariffs nameCPU \ RAM \ DISKS DRIVES of Dedicated Server
65 euro
CPU Intel® Core™ i5-13500 Core-14 \ 64 Gb RAM DDR4 \ 2x Disks 512 Gb SSD NVMe Gen4
70 euro
CPU Intel® Xeon® E5-1650V3 6-Core \ 256 GB DDR4 ECC \ 2x Disks 512 Gb SSD
75 euro
CPU Intel® Core™ i9-9900K \ 128 Gb RAM DDR4 \ 2x Disks 2 x 1 TB SSD
77 euro
CPU Intel® Xeon® W-2145 \ 128 Gb RAM ECC \ 2x Disks 512 Gb SSD
90 euro
CPU AMD Ryzen 9 5950X \ 128 GB DDR4 ECC RAM \ 2x Disks 3.84 TB NVMe SSD
100 euro
CPU Intel® Core™ i9-12900K \ 128 Gb RAM DDR4 \ 2x Disks 960 GB NVMe SSD
120 euro
CPU Intel® Core™ i9-13900K \ 64 Gb RAM DDR5 ECC \ 2x Disks 960 GB NVMe SSD
110 euro
CPU AMD EPYC 7401P \ 128 GB DDR4 ECC RAM \ 2x Disks 960 GB NVMe SSD
150 euro
CPU AMD EPYC 7401P \ 256 GB DDR4 ECC RAM \ 2x Disks 960 GB NVMe SSD
160 euro
CPU Intel® Xeon® Gold 5412U \ 256 GB DDR5 ECC RAM \ 2x Disks 1.92 TB NVMe SSD
175 euro
CPU AMD EPYC 7401P \ 512 GB DDR4 ECC RAM \ 2x Disks 960 GB NVMe SSD

How I can get Server Hetzner with our alternative?

How quickly will I receive my server after payment?
You will receive your virtual server within 1-5 minutes after payment in automatic mode. A dedicated server, on the other hand, will have to wait for 12-24 hours, as a dedicated server requires assembly, rack mounting, power connection, installation and configuration of the operating system.
How fast is the payment in cryptocurrency?
Depending on the Bitcoin blockchain network, payment can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the load on the network.
Is it possible to change the server configuration in the future?
We can add or replace disks in your server's disk system if it is a dedicated server. Add some RAM if it is still available. It is not possible to replace the processor. In this case you will have to order another machine. In case the tariff of your order is VPS, you can reorder the server in any configuration.
Is a Windows license included in the price?
Windows 2016\2019 operating system license is not included in the rental price. It is added as a separate item. Linux operating system installation is free of charge.
Is technical support included in the cost?
The Dedicated Server price includes full technical support and consultations via e-mail and messenger Telegram.