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The Ultimate Hetzner Alternative for Dedicated and Virtual Servers

We have better tech support and a wider range of services!
Hetzner Alternative


When it comes to dedicated servers or VPS hosting, Hetzner has gained recognition as a leading provider. However, if you are in search of an alternative that surpasses expectations in user support and customization, combined with the convenience of Telegram and WhatsApp assistance, our hosting service is the ultimate choice. With our unwavering commitment to comprehensive support, expertise in software and operating system configuration, and a customer-centric approach, our hosting service emerges as the perfect Hetzner alternative for dedicated hosting. In this article, we will delve into the limitations of Hetzner's user support and shed light on the unique advantages that set our hosting service apart.

Unparalleled User Support

At our hosting service, customer satisfaction is at the core of our mission. Unlike Hetzner, where user support might fall short, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled assistance through popular messaging platforms like Telegram and WhatsApp. This ensures real-time communication, swift issue resolution, and personalized guidance. Our dedicated support team is readily available to address your concerns and ensure a dedicated hosting experience that is seamless, efficient, and hassle-free.

Full stack supporting

We glad to help you anywhere, any situation with your Dedicated Server or VPS!

Our engineers can provide valuable assistance in setting up Windows or Docker, helping you to design and deploy your containers, Windows OS installing, configure networking and storage, monitor and log the environment, and secure. With their technical expertise, engineers can help ensure that your servers environment is up and running smoothly and efficiently.

support on a hetzner server

Hetzner Alternative Dedicated Servers Pricing Example:


Dedicated phisical machine
  • CPU Intel® Core™ i7-6700
  • 64 Gb RAM DDR4
  • 2x Disks 2 Tb HDD or 512 Gb SSD
  • Full system admin support

49 euro

monthly rental price


Dedicated phisical machine
  • CPU Intel® Core™ i7-8700
  • 64 Gb RAM DDR4
  • 2x Disks 512 Gb SSD
  • Full system admin support

54 euro

monthly rental price


Dedicated phisical machine
  • CPU Intel® Core™ i7-8700
  • 128 Gb RAM DDR4
  • 2x Disks 1024 Gb SSD NVMe
  • Full system admin support

60 euro

monthly rental price

..more configurations

pricetariffs nameCPU \ RAM \ DISKS DRIVES of Dedicated Server
65 euro
CPU Intel® Core™ i5-13500 Core-14 \ 64 Gb RAM DDR4 \ 2x Disks 512 Gb SSD NVMe Gen4
70 euro
CPU Intel® Xeon® E5-1650V3 6-Core \ 256 GB DDR4 ECC \ 2x Disks 512 Gb SSD
75 euro
CPU Intel® Core™ i9-9900K \ 128 Gb RAM DDR4 \ 2x Disks 2 x 1 TB SSD
77 euro
CPU Intel® Xeon® W-2145 \ 128 Gb RAM ECC \ 2x Disks 512 Gb SSD
90 euro
CPU AMD Ryzen 9 5950X \ 128 GB DDR4 ECC RAM \ 2x Disks 3.84 TB NVMe SSD
100 euro
CPU Intel® Core™ i9-12900K \ 128 Gb RAM DDR4 \ 2x Disks 960 GB NVMe SSD
120 euro
CPU Intel® Core™ i9-13900K \ 64 Gb RAM DDR5 ECC \ 2x Disks 960 GB NVMe SSD
110 euro
CPU AMD EPYC 7401P \ 128 GB DDR4 ECC RAM \ 2x Disks 960 GB NVMe SSD
150 euro
CPU AMD EPYC 7401P \ 256 GB DDR4 ECC RAM \ 2x Disks 960 GB NVMe SSD
160 euro
CPU Intel® Xeon® Gold 5412U \ 256 GB DDR5 ECC RAM \ 2x Disks 1.92 TB NVMe SSD
175 euro
CPU AMD EPYC 7401P \ 512 GB DDR4 ECC RAM \ 2x Disks 960 GB NVMe SSD
intel and amd CPUs inside proxmox server dedicated


of Intel® Core™ i9 and AMD Ryzen 9 / EPYC™

Dedicated servers typically have high-performance hardware, which can provide the necessary resources for running virtual machines or other software.
We also offer inexpensive and powerful:

AMD Ryzen 5 and 7
Intel® Core™ i5 and i7

Tailored Approach

We firmly believe that every customer's hosting needs are unique, and we embrace this individuality through our tailored approach. Our experienced team works closely with you to craft a dedicated hosting environment that perfectly aligns with your specific requirements. From fine-tuning software configurations to optimizing operating systems, we offer comprehensive assistance that guarantees optimal performance, enhanced security, and seamless reliability. With our personalized approach, your dedicated server will be tailored precisely to meet your business goals.

Software and OS Configuration Excellence

Our hosting service goes beyond the boundaries of traditional dedicated hosting. We take pride in providing comprehensive assistance in software and operating system configuration. Our team of experts possesses extensive knowledge and experience, allowing us to masterfully set up and customize various software applications and operating systems. Whether you require specialized software installations or intricate configurations, we guide you through the entire process. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that your dedicated hosting environment is perfectly tuned to your needs, empowering you to focus on your core business activities.

VPS and Cloud Servers

Our service goes beyond the ordinary, offering not only a range of diverse amenities but also convenient VPS and VDS servers. These servers are well-suited for hosting websites, managing email services, facilitating routing processes, and enabling virtualization through platforms like Proxmox and Hyper-V. All of this is accompanied by the same exceptional and personalized technical support that we are renowned for.
Our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions remains unwavering. In addition to our array of services, we take pride in providing accessible VPS and VDS servers. These versatile servers prove to be invaluable assets, catering to various needs such as website hosting, seamless email communication, efficient routing operations, and the implementation of virtualization using cutting-edge platforms like Proxmox and Hyper-V. As always, our hallmark individualized technical support stands as a cornerstone, ensuring that your experience remains unparalleled.

Hetzner Alternative VPS cloud Pricing Example:

- Ideal for individual applications, distributed systems, dynamic clusters or development environments
- CX: Balanced amount of CPU and RAM based on Intel® Xeon® Gold processors
- CPX: Optimized for CPU performance based on AMD EPYC 2nd Gen processors


€ 7

CPU 1 core Intel® Xeon®
SSD 20Gb
Traffic 20Tb


€ 8

CPU 2 cores AMD
SSD 40Gb
Traffic 20Tb


€ 9

CPU 2 cores Intel® Xeon®
SSD 40Gb
Traffic 20Tb


€ 12

CPU 3 cores AMD
SSD 80Gb
Traffic 20Tb

- Start work about 5 minutes after payment!
- You can choose any Linux-Based distributive
- Ideal for working on Wordpress and Joomla CMS
- READY FOR MySQL databases
- Docker can easily be installed

If you need more powerull configuration, check VDS prices:


In the realm of dedicated hosting, our hosting service stands as the ultimate Hetzner alternative. With our steadfast commitment to personalized support, seamless communication through Telegram and WhatsApp, and expertise in software and operating system configuration, we redefine the dedicated hosting experience. Embrace the revolution and join us today to unlock the advantages of our hosting service, tailored to empower your online presence. With comprehensive support and a personalized touch, we guarantee that our hosting service is the unrivaled choice for all your dedicated hosting needs.

How I can get Hetzner Alternative Server?

How quickly will I receive my server after payment?
You will receive your virtual server within 1-5 minutes after payment in automatic mode. A dedicated server, on the other hand, will have to wait for 12-24 hours, as a dedicated server requires assembly, rack mounting, power connection, installation and configuration of the operating system.
How fast is the payment in cryptocurrency?
Depending on the Bitcoin blockchain network, payment can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the load on the network.
Is it possible to change the server configuration in the future?
We can add or replace disks in your server's disk system if it is a dedicated server. Add some RAM if it is still available. It is not possible to replace the processor. In this case you will have to order another machine. In case the tariff of your order is VPS, you can reorder the server in any configuration.
Is a Windows license included in the price?
Windows 2016\2019 operating system license is not included in the rental price. It is added as a separate item. Linux operating system installation is free of charge.
Is technical support included in the cost?
The Dedicated Server price includes full technical support and consultations via e-mail and messenger Telegram.