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Ryzen Dedicated Server

Ryzen Dedicated Servers

Unleash Unmatched Power with Ryzen CPU Dedicated Server

Are you currently in pursuit of a hosting solution that boasts exceptional performance and comprehensive assistance? Your search concludes here! We are thrilled to present our specialized hosting service centered around Ryzen dedicated servers. With a steadfast commitment to delivering unparalleled value, our service seamlessly blends cost-effective hosting solutions, cutting-edge hardware situated within a top-tier German data center, multi-faceted support encompassing popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram, flexible cryptocurrency payment avenues, and a customer-centric approach to both support and software configuration. In the forthcoming sections, we will meticulously explore the merits of our hosting service, furnishing you with insights into why our i9 dedicated servers stand as the ultimate selection for fulfilling your hosting requisites.

Unmatched Power and Performance

In the realm of potency and efficiency, our i9 dedicated servers shine in a category of their own. Embellished with cutting-edge Intel Ryzen CPU processors from the most recent lineage, these servers provide unparalleled velocity, dependability, and processing potential. Be it the execution of demanding applications, the hosting of numerous websites, or the administration of bustling online marketplaces, our i9 dedicated servers furnish the necessary muscle to guarantee seamless operations and exceptional output.

Ryzen Servers pricing example:


Dedicated phisical machine
  • CPU 7 7700 Octa-Core "Raphael" (Zen4)
  • 64 GB DDR5 ECC RAM
  • 2x 1 Tb NVMe SSD Datacenter Edition
  • Full system admin support

100 euro

monthly rental price


Dedicated phisical machine
  • CPU AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D 16 Cores
  • 128 GB DDR4 ECC RAM
  • 2x 2 TB NVMe SSD Datacenter Edition
  • Full system admin support

145 euro

monthly rental price

Low-Cost Solutions for Optimal Value

Recognizing the significance of cost-effectiveness while upholding unwavering quality, we grasp the essence. Our hosting solution presents i9 dedicated servers at prices that foster healthy competition, guaranteeing optimal returns on your financial commitment. Through the provision of economical alternatives, we empower enterprises, irrespective of scale, to harness the might and efficiency of Ryzen processors without straining their fiscal limits.

Top-Notch Infrastructure in a German Data Center

To ensure reliable and seamless hosting, our i9 dedicated servers are hosted in a state-of-the-art German data center. Germany is known for its advanced infrastructure and robust network connectivity, offering low latency and high-speed connections. By choosing our hosting service, you gain access to a secure and reliable hosting environment, ensuring your websites and applications perform optimally, regardless of the geographical location of your audience.

Comprehensive Support with Multiple Communication Channels

Our commitment lies in delivering unparalleled assistance to our valued clients. Our specialized support squad remains at your service, accessible through diverse means of communication, including popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram. We grasp the pivotal role swift and dependable aid plays in ensuring a fruitful hosting journey, and our team is unwaveringly devoted to tending to your inquiries, resolving technical challenges, and furnishing tailored direction whenever the need arises.

Cryptocurrency Payment Options for Convenience and Security

In line with the advancements in digital finance, our hosting service proudly accepts cryptocurrency payments. This allows you to pay for our services using popular cryptocurrencies, providing convenience, anonymity, and enhanced security for your transactions. By embracing cryptocurrency payments, we ensure that our hosting solutions are accessible to individuals and businesses, regardless of their preferred payment methods.

Client-Centric Approach to Support and Software Configuration

Client contentment takes precedence at our hosting facility. We acknowledge the distinct hosting prerequisites that each enterprise possesses and, therefore, adopt an individualized strategy concerning support and software setup. Our proficient crew collaborates intimately with you to fathom your precise necessities, delivering bespoke remedies and guidance encompassing software arrangement, fine-tuning of operating systems, and enhancement of performance. Our dedication transcends the norm to ensure your hosting milieu is finely tuned for utmost efficiency, impregnability, and dependability.


If you're seeking unbeatable performance, comprehensive support, and a client-centric approach to hosting, our i9 dedicated servers are the perfect choice. With our low-cost solutions, top-notch infrastructure housed in a German data center, multi-channel support, cryptocurrency payment options, and personalized assistance, we offer unrivaled value for your hosting needs. Experience the power of Ryzen processors and elevate your online presence with our hosting service today. Choose our AMD Ryzen dedicated server hosting and unlock the true potential of your online ventures. If an Intel CPU dedicated server is more suited to your needs, go here

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