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VPS with Docker

Prices for a VPS with Docker and Support

Choose your configuration of the server for rent
vps with docker
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Start your docker containers on fast VPS machine with our support

Docker containers on a VPS can provide a high-performance and scalable solution for running your applications. With the flexibility of Docker and the resources of a server, you can ensure that your containers are running smoothly and efficiently, without any resource constraints concerns.

from 9,5 USD

Start your docker containers on a VPS
Full stack supporting
We glad to help you anywhere, any situation with your Docker Dedicated Server!

Our engineers can provide valuable assistance in setting up Docker containers, helping you to design and deploy your containers, configure networking and storage, monitor and log the environment, and secure the containers and the host. With their technical expertise, engineers can help ensure that your Docker environment is up and running smoothly and efficiently.
Full stack supporting with docker with VPS
intel and amd CPUs inside docker vps


of Intel® Core™ i9 and AMD Ryzen 9 / EPYC™

VPS servers typically have high-performance hardware, which can provide the necessary resources for running Docker containers. This helps ensure that containers run smoothly and efficiently, without being impacted by resource constraints.
Secure Open Source Servers for Web, Mobile and Developers with Docker Containers
Docker provides many benefits for developers, including portability, isolation, scalability, speed, and a strong community. With its ease of use, flexibility, and robust ecosystem, Docker can help developers to be more productive, efficient, and effective, delivering high-quality applications faster and more reliably.
Open Source Developers Servers with Docker containers on VPS in Europe
Our VPS with Docker conteiners is at Portability, Isolation, Scalability and Speed

You can choose whatever operation system

docker based on any linux distr with VPS


Choose your version of VPS. Choose a configuration with as much RAM, a processor and a hard disk that will meet the requirements for the size of users and the size of databases and files.

- Ideal for individual applications, distributed systems, dynamic clusters or development environments
- CX: Balanced amount of CPU and RAM based on Intel® Xeon® Gold processors
- CPX: Optimized for CPU performance based on AMD EPYC 2nd Gen processors


€ 7

CPU 1 core Intel® Xeon®
SSD 20Gb
Traffic 20Tb


€ 8

CPU 2 cores AMD
SSD 40Gb
Traffic 20Tb


€ 9

CPU 2 cores Intel® Xeon®
SSD 40Gb
Traffic 20Tb


€ 12

CPU 3 cores AMD
SSD 80Gb
Traffic 20Tb

- Start work about 5 minutes after payment!
- You can choose any Linux-Based distributive
- Ideal for working on Wordpress and Joomla CMS
- READY FOR MySQL databases
- Docker can easily be installed

If you need more powerull configuration, check VDS prices: